Maryland Society for Psychic Research

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Our Team

Investigator/Case Manager/Founder - Desiree Bowman

Investigator/Scribe/Tech Specialist - Megan Little

Investigator/Case Manager - Ed Harden

Investigator/AV Tech - Lorrie Bowman

 Investigator/Tech Specialist - Karen Pizza

Investigator/AV Tech - Matt Pizza

Investigator/Researcher - Anita Puckett

Investigator - Stefanie Foley

Investigator - Megan Plummer

Investigator - Toni Lopez

Investigator/Medium - Hillery Dikker

TECH SPECIALIST- The person who will do a walk-through of the investigation site & record EMF readings before investigation takes place. They will also assist lead technician in setting up & placement of all stationary equipment & setting up "command area" if needed. Tech Specialist will take place of Tech Lead if lead is unavailable for investigation.

TECH ASSISTANT- This person will assist both the Lead Tech & Tech Specialist before, during & after investigations. Will take place of Tech Specialist if they are unable to attend investigation or if Tech Specialist is taking lead for any investigation.

SCRIBE – This person works with the interviewer/tech team and documents all Psychic/Medium/ Sensitive initial walk-thru that is done. They will write down all information that the Psychic/Medium/Sensitive encounters/feels and will also document any hot spots that the Psychic encounters. This person will also be documenting during any video/audio/Psychic contact sessions.

HISTORIAN/RESEARCHER- This Person will be doing the background check on the location that is being investigated. Their job is to conduct research gather the history of the house or location and the surrounding area and how it may tie in to the paranormal activity during an help corroborate any evidence that is discovered during an investigation. They will submit all information/documentation to Lead Investigator. Will also conduct any on site interviews if necessary and document any information.

They will record & submit all information gathered to lead.

AV TECHNICIAN - This person is in charge of all technological parts of the investigation. They are in charge of cataloging all video, audio, and all meter recordings and submitting results. Also they should be on the lookout for new technological devices that might be able to be used in investigations.

The duties of this person are as follows:

•Setting up and the placement of all stationary video & audio equipment for recording.

•Setting up and the placement of all stationary meters for recording.

•Setting up a "command area" for the input and storage of all recordings (if needed).


Will help to analyze/debunk photos & recordings in question.